Last week I received a call from one of our branch offices – the Site-to-Site-connection to our headquarter did not work at all.
After two hours of troubleshooting I decided to go there, throwing everything in my bag I could need: a new switch, a few cables and a new Sophos RED10.Sophos RED10

It was a pain: After crawling on the floor for an hour or so – and having the exact same issue on the new RED10 (after resetting the router, blaming the ISP for not doing their job and so on) I decided to unplug the power supply of the RED10 which had the LEDs for „Power“ and „LAN1“ blinking and to plug in the new one (I have to say that this PS was in a cable manager and I didn’t want to change it before, as i thought it was a failure of the device itself).

And: It worked. So it seems that the combination of blinking „Power“ and „LAN1“ means „Yo dude, there’s a problem with the Power Supply, please come by and change it for me!“.

Problem solved after all together 6 hours of work – by changing a Power Supply for CHF 30.00.