„Manuel, our printers are gone!“, „Manuel, I can not print!“ and „Where did my printer go?!“ are just some things i heard instead „Good morning“ when i stood up earlier today.
After changing the GPP for our printers this night, where I added a rule to disconnect all shared printers (which obviously worked ;)), most, but not all of our printers were gone. But I found a fix for this.

Printers are from hell. Period. theoatmeal.com

Printers are from hell. Period. theoatmeal.com

After doing a load of investigation by running trhough our offices, equipped with pen and paper, double checking the printers that are still connected and checking it again on print server I found out the connected printers had something in common: A security group.

So I decided to run a gpupdate to see what was the result of it, and got the error 0x80070005, which means „Permission denied“.


And that’s it! Even if you deploy your printers by GPP, which is in fact an user-policy, you have to add the security group „Domain computers“ in the security context of your devices – if it’s not there, you’ll get the error and GPP cannot connect the printer.

Don’t ask me why you need to add computers to a device deployed by an user policy – but you have to.

And that’s just one reason, why I also believe printers where sent from hell!